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First, watch the short videos about survey research methods (see module).
Then find a recent poll or survey (
find the full report with all the results and methodology information) conducted by a reputable organizations (i.e. Fox News; Washington Post; Elon University Poll; Pew; Gallup).

See the link in this assignment for an example of a full survey/poll report. Pretend you are writing a newspaper article for the Las Vegas Review Journal (and journalists sometimes have a very short period of time to write their stories).

Write in a professional manner. Avoid humor and snarky or partisan language. See an example of an article analyzing a poll.

Make sure YOUR article contains the following:

1. Come up with a headline.
2. Summarize the methodology (is it a national survey, statewide survey, etc.; dates
conducted; sample size; margin of error; target population-adults, registered voters,
likely voters, etc.; survey mode – telephone, cell phone, landline, internet, mixed).
3. Discuss the most important/interesting finding (e.g., Trump leading Clinton by 4
points in North Carolina).
4. Discuss how this finding is similar to or different from other polls conducted recently
(cite those polls).
5. Breakdown those findings by some demographic variable (Male/Female; Party
Identification; Race; Age).
6. Discuss the second most interesting finding.
7. Wrap up the article with some context or information about the future (e.g., we are
still three months away from the election and as prior elections have shown, poll results
can swing in either direction).
8. At the bottom of your article put the web address where you found the
full report of
the poll. Do not put a link to another newspaper article! It must be a link to the full report
(see examples in this assignment).
Length between 800 and 900 words (double spaced – 12 point font).
Upload your MS Word or PDF document on Canvas

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