Analysis of a nation’s business cycle position

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Purpose:  This assignment provides a platform for you to discover how macroeconomic theory directly impacts the analysis of a nation’s business cycle position.

Getting Started:  Select your nation:

  • Go to, in the toolbar, click ‘Indicators’, select ‘countries’ and be treated to a list of all of the nations in the world!
  • Browse the list, select a nation of interest ( any nation except the United States as we will study the US in class) and find recent articles (last 6 months)dealing with inflation, unemployment and Real GDP to see if this is something you want to learn more about
    • If you find an older article that interests you and you want to discuss how the nation has changed from that time – that is another approach you can us. Be sure to update the old information, though, with the most current articles and data.
  • Once you have decided on a nation, post it under the discussion board – putting the name of the nation in the subject heading. No duplicate nations are permitted – first come, first serve.

Essay Format:

Within the template below, include the following:

  • 15 terms from chapters 1-4,7,8 use at minimum 2 terms per chapter (30 points)
  • 5 statistics relevant to the analysis ( 5 points)
  • 3 graphs (15 points): graphs should be referred to in the essay and placed directly beneath the section where being discussed – not at the very end of the paper.


  1. Introduction and thesis statement: (10 points)
  2. Introduction gives overall background on the nation leading to current business cycle position. Include any specific issues of relevance. 5 points
  3. Thesis Statement:  what is the focus of your essay:must be underlined or no credit will be given 5 points


  1. Business Cycle Position: 3 parts: (30 points-10 points each section)
  2. Historical Real GDP and Assessment of business cycle position
  • Historical trend of Real GDP:use graph
  • Relate current business cycle position within the historical context –
  1. Unemployment and Assessment of problems/successes managing unemployment
  • Historical trend of Unemployment rate: use graph
  • Explain why current trend persists
  • Identify what types of unemployment are present in the economy and why
  1. Inflation and Assessment of how well inflation has been managed.
  • Historical Trend of inflation : use graph
  • Relate current position to trend


  1. Conclusion: ( 5 points)
  • Wrap up your thoughts to show how you proved your thesis statement
  1. Works Cited3 points (minimum 5 recent sources)
  2. List of terms by chapter 2 points

All terms are to be in bold print and underlined; all statistics are to be highlighted.

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