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Analysis and Argument

There are key elements to include in your analysis and are best included in the introduction:

Who is the intended audience of the text?
What is the purpose of the text (to argue, inspire, cajole, etc.)?
What is the thesis or main argument of the essay?

The majority of your essay should be based on key examples of how the author attempts to support his or her position. If you do not support your argument about the text with evidence (examples from the text), your assertions will be ungrounded and therefore less powerful. Exceptional essays may engage in analysis of the use of stasis theory, structure, and style.
Must integrate one short quote of 1 to 3 lines per body paragraph (you are not allowed to use more than 1 quote per body paragraph). Paper should be between 700-750words

Analysis and Argument

Last Updated on February 9, 2018

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