America’s war on drugs

America’s war on drugs

Paper instructions:

Its an op ed piece/ persuasive essay on a political issue of my choosing (War on Drugs). 750-1000 words double spaced. It’s for an undergrad junior year Issues in American Politics class. Here’s a summary statement that i submitted: My op ed piece is going to focus on the issues of our nation’s war on drugs. Two states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana and more are thinking about it daily. Will the federal government review federal law? Billions of dollars are poured into this “war” and the impact compared to the money spent raises questions if it’s all worth it .

Legalizing and taxing marijuana could mean billions in tax dollars to help our ailing economy. There are millions of people that are incarcerated or arrested for non violent drug possession crimes annually. Is it all worth it? My professor said that this was good but commented “What about states that have legalization for medical use?”. Please use an article for one of the sources and also an online source. 3-4 sources and works cited page please. my professor said you dont have to use direct in text citations because its an op ed piece but i don’t know.

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