American Values Assessment: Part Two

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Prepare a two to three page paper on the topic: “A Look From the Outside-In”

Guidelines: Use the website:

“Watching America” is an online foreign news source that has numerous political, social, and economic stories of how the world understands us from their (foreign) perspective, not from an “American” view.

(1) Select and read an article of your choice (translated in English)

(2) Assume the role of a concerned citizen from the nation in which the article was written. Provide your own assessments of differences in a balanced and realistic outlook from a news-person looking into and evaluating people’s values in the American Society.

Using the Cultural Relativism perspective is it possible for foreign personnel to look at people in the American Society in a “relatively fair” manner? Cultural Relativism- the idea that the values, knowledge, morality and behavior of people must be understood within their own cultural context.

Note: Please be sure you include an in-text citation for any sources you use for your paper using APA format, like this (Author, Year) and a Reference List.


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