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American History in the 19th Century

Required to Write a 5-6 page analytics response paper. This double-spaced, 12 font, 1’", times new roman paper is not a mere summarization of the main ideas in the readings ( peoples history of the USA, Zinn), but a thoughtful and concerted analytically written essay.

The goal of this project is to assist you in developing the analytic skills necessary to grasp challenging ideas and debate them at an intellectual level beyond the scope of superficiality.

The task is to engage the central conceptual arguments in the readings, lecture and supplemented course materials and place them in conversation/ debate with one another.

You must select a topic related to United States 19th century history and construct an argument (Thesis) which will be developed throughout your essay citing course readings.

Your paper shall be structured with a clear and coherent thesis statement in your Introduction. The body of the paper will provide the support from the readings along with your analysis in sustaining your central thesis.

In your conclusion (restate what you said) while providing further questions to be interrogated. You must include bibliography ( which does not count as part of page total).
things to consider:

1.What/why is the author saying?
2. How/is it connected to the development of American social, political and economic development?
3. Are they important conceptual or analytic omissions in any of the works considered?
4. How do the central claims made in various readings coincide or deviate with/from one another?
5. Are the views presented by the authors in agreement with the status quo or do they provide a challenge to traditional histories in the US?
6. How do authors situate their analysis in regards to power relations

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