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American Government Assignment

Page 430 # 2-5

2. Describe the three define features of a bureaucracy. Three defining features of a bureaucracy are hierarchical authority, job specialization, and formalized rules.
3. List some of the more common names given to the various agencies in the executive branch?
4. What is the difference between a staff agency and a line agency? Staff agencies advise, line agencies carry out tasks

Page 434 # 2 – 5

2. Which agency in the Executive Office of the President has the largest impact on foreign affairs? national security council
3. Describe the major duties of the Office of Management and Budget?
4. How can the federal budget be used to advance the President’s policy agenda?
5. How does the White House Office help the President fulfill the role of chief administrator?

Page 440 # 2-5

2. How were the executive departments created?
3. (a) How are the executive department secretaries and attorney general selected? (b) What personal and professional factors are considered in the selection process?
4. How have various Presidents differed in their reliance on the Cabinet?
5. Compare the Cabinet of today with the first Cabinet under President Washington. (a) How are the two alike? (b) How do they differ? (c) Why do you think the size of the Cabinet has grown since Washington’s day?

Page 449 # 3-6

3. What was the spoils system and what replaced it?
4. How do independent regulatory commissions differ from the many other independent agencies>
5. (a) How are government corporations similar to private corporations? (b) How are they different?

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