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Essay 4: Advice Column

Write an advice column on love, dating, and relationships. Give yourself a name and a brief (3-sentence) bio. Be creative, but make the bio appear legitimate.

Your job is to respond to one poem and one short story. More precisely, your job is to respond to one figure in one of the poems and one figure in one of the short stories. You will need to create and write out the question that these figures submit. (Questions should be 100-200 words each.) Consider the emotions and circumstances of the figures in the poem and short story you choose. Use your analytical skills to imagine what these individuals would ask, why they would seek advice, and what help they need.

You will respond to the questions with your advice. (Responses should be 300-400 words each.) Each response will require one citation that supports your response. The citation needs to be in APA style and then put in your reference page. So you will need two in-text citations (you may have more) with corresponding end references.

Parameters: APA style and format. 1000 word minimum.

You may consult the following advice columns for genre conventions and structure.

Carolyn Hax:

Dear Wendy:

Love Letters:

Dear Therapist:

Word Document


Word Document


Word Document


Word Document

Essay 3

Using one or more of the short stories by Achebe, Tyler, Bambara, and Mahfouz, write a narrative in which you compare your education or a singular educational experience to the education depicted in the story or stories of your choosing. Think about how you were treated by the educator(s) and the institution. Why did the people and the institution act in certain ways toward you? Finally, how did your experience parallel (positively or negatively) the experiences depicted in the story or stories. This is a personal narrative, but you should include analysis of one or more of the stories to use as a comparison or contrast to your personal account.

Also read: Americanah (2013) by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Parameters: APA style and format. 800 word minimum.


Toni Cade Bambara THE LESSON

Naguib Mahfouz: THE LAWSUIT

Chinua Achebe: DEAD MEN’S PATH

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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