Advanced Quantitative Analysis

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The Assignment will need to have references and citations.

The code would have to be explained as it is being accomplished along with the results/outputs.

The attached file is a excel worksheet but would need to be converted to a .csv because the .csv would not upload to this forum.

The assignment is the following:

Online radio keeps track of everything you play. This information is used to make recommendations to you for additional music. This large dataset will be mined with arules in R to recommend new music to this community of radio listeners which has 300,000 records and 15,000 users. See the attachment for the dataset (The attached file is a excel worksheet but would need to be converted to a .csv because the .csv would not upload to this forum.).

  • Examine the rows in the file where you will see the name of the artist that was played on the radio by a fan.
  • Use arules from R to employ the mining association rules.
  • Convert the data to a matrix so that each fan is a row showing 0s and 1s for artists across the columns producing an R object. This will result in the support for the 104 artists (this is the structure of the data so that if a person listens to five different artists, then that will be 5 rows in the dataset). This will form an R matrix.
  • You will next use the arules and apriori to develop the mining association rules for these artists, which will enable you to show the support that listening to one artist gives to other artists; in other words, providing lift to an associated artist. The arules procedure will filter the data to determine if listening to one artist results in listening to other artists.

The deliverable should accomplish the following:

  • The results should be provided with a detailed explanation of instructions on how you produced the results.
  • Discuss how the data were structured so that if one person listens to five different artists then that will be five rows in the data set.
  • Describe and show how to use arules for the mining association rules.
  • Describe how the data became an R matrix.
  • Show how you constructed the rule that shows an artist provided lift to other artists.

Please submit your assignment.


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