Adolescent Development: Contexts of Development

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Write a paper responding to the following scenario

You need to write a brief paper detailing the next steps you are going to take to help either Casey. The paper should be about 2-3 pages, double spaced. What potential problems do you see? What potential avenues might there be for supporting Casey. Attached is a file document of vocabulary, you must use 10 of them.

Casey case: “You are a middle school counselor. A student, Casey, has come to you feeling distraught. In sixth grade, Casey had few troubles, was engaged in after school sports, did well in class, and appeared to be a part of the popular crowd. Seventh grade has been more of a challenge. Casey’s grades and school attendance dropped. In fact, grades are now so low that Casey is not allowed to play after school sports. As the two of you talk, Casey vaguely indicates that relationships both at home and school are problematic. In addition, Casey’s phone is buzzing constantly. This generates worried looks from Casey, and then an abrupt exit.”

In your report, be sure to discuss at least 3 different contexts for development (family, peers, school, out of school, and social media). You must use 10 terms/concepts from the vocabulary document. Please underline the terms and concepts used in your response. Each of the 10 terms/concepts is worth points. No need to include a reference page, just the vocabulary, author and year from the document I shared.

  • Definition: 1 point for each term defined correctly in your own words (this can be done in parentheses or footnotes if it can’t be worked into your paper).
  • Application: 1 point for each term/concept accurately applied in your writing.
  • Citations: 1 point for each term having a correct in-text citation. For this assignment, I don’t need a reference list at the end.

The remaining points will be awarded based on the following scale:

Goal = Well organized and clearly describes your view of the problem and how you’ll help Casey


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