Read the required Howell article plus find and download 3 peer-reviewed articles on attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD) and create an APA

reference for each of these articles. You will have a minimum of four articles in the reference section (the Howell, Huessy, Hassuk

articlePreview the document plus the three additional articles) and a summary of each.

Download the Howell, Huessy, Hassuk article, Fifteen-Year Follow-up of a Behavioral History of Attention Deficit Disorder. Preview the

documentRead the article and write a 1 or 2-paragraph summary (8 points).
Find, download, and read a minimum of 3 other peer-reviewed articles on attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD), you will need to identify

major concepts. Do this by picking out the significant keywords in a question you would like to investigate by highlighting them. Try to use

similar variables to ones found in the Howell study. Then make a list of synonyms and related terms for each individual word or concept that

will help when searching for information resources.
Write 1-2 sentences for each of the three other ADD articles describing their contents (3 points).
Include at the end of the summary a minimum of 4 APA references (4 points). In Microsoft Word, click on References, Insert Citation, and Add New

Source. Make sure the style selected is APA Sixth edition. After you have entered the four sources, click on references, bibliography dropdown

menu -> References and MS Word will automatically insert a reference sections with each source in APA format.
Upload a Word document or PDF to this assignment.

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