Action research

  • Using APA 7th Edition, Define action research in your own words. Consider the following questions when defining action research.
  1. How might action research assist educators with professional goals?
  2. In what ways might action research help educators refine current practices?
  3. How might the reflective process of action research manifest itself in reformed practices?
  • You are a seventh-grade teacher and have been newly assigned to teach in the language arts program. One of your goals is to teach students the skills necessary to read and comprehend informational text. You have attended workshops, taken university literacy courses, and have collaborated with colleagues and the principal. After much planning you have designed a reading program appropriate for your students. You are interested in learning about the effectiveness of your new literacy program. How will students apply the skills taught to their content courses? How will students’ overall achievement improve? How will students’ self-efficacy be affected? Describe how action research will help you to address the questions you have about your teaching practices and your students’ learning outcomes.
  • Using the above situation from question number 2, apply the four-step process to conducting action research to design a project that will assist you in answering your inquiries about literacy skills and students’ learning. Briefly describe what you would do in each of the four steps of the action research process.

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