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Audit Plan Project

Write a 5- to 8 page double-spaced paper that summarizes how an accounting and/or financial manager might apply auditing and assurance concepts () to non-audit applications/roles. Please develop an audit plan to audit sustainability and corporate social responsibility for a company reported on the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) website.

Here is information that you can use to develop this audit plan:

  1. What are assurance services that CPAs provide?
  2. The most recent annual report for the company you chose: SAP, Coca Cola, Starbucks, or BP.
  3. AICPA. (2012). AT 101: Attestation Engagements. 
  4. IFAC. (2011, March 22). IFAC Sustainability Framework 2.0: Professional Accountants as Integrators. 
  5. Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements. 
  6. Price, R. W. (2012). What is a corporate social responsibility audit? Global Entrepreneurship Institute.


  • Develop an audit plan for a company that files a sustainability report. (as if you are going to audit the company sustainability project)
  • You can use 2018 or 2019 report for a company who file a sustainability report.
  • What are the key methods on reporting?
  • What the metrics are? Adopt and report at least 5 or 6 key metrics the company is reporting on (sustainability metrics). (The Global Reporting Initiative, for example, provides a list of metrics).
  • Explain how auditors get into audit.
  • Determine the scope and plan for the engagement.
  • Identify key risks.
  • Determine the appropriate test approach.

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