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Access and Identity Management

Before Good Foods can implement a cloud-based service, it must be sure its applications, company data, and employee and customer information is secure. The company is concerned with system access, both internally and externally. It is also concerned with its ability to review the health of a cloud-based system after implementation. The company has asked you to find what security measures and auditing methods are available with cloud-based services.

To complete this assignment, include the following information in a minimum of 5 pages (not counting title page and references page):

Describe the authentication procedures and related security concerns. Include a discussion of various identification methods.
Describe the authorization techniques and related security concerns. Include a discussion of user groups and application level access.
Describe security concerns as they relate to network connections. Include a discussion of each type of network connection currently in use.
Describe cloud computing auditing methods and related security concerns. Include a discussion of current industry audit tools and the role of the vendor in each cloud-based delivery model.
Review all of the following leading service providers from the list below and summarize their ability to address system and user security, as well as their ability to conduct security audits and minimize performance degradation as they relate to security measures:
Indicate which vendor(s) may be a fit for the Good Foods company, based on the vendor’s ability to address system and user security, as well as audit and performance issues. Justify your recommendation.

Use APA formatting style (title page, references page, in-text citations).

When this paper is complete you should have properly identified which authentication techniques and auditing methods you would recommend for the Good Foods grocery store. Your paper should include audit metrics the company should address with a vendor prior to the implementation of its cloud-based system, as well as a review all of the leading service providers. Lastly, you should have also identified potential cloud-based vendors who are a best fit for the company’s needs.

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