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A bio for a Nurse Practitioner

A bio for a Nurse Practitioner

-Write a 150-word content bio for Sherrie Flores –

Tone is professional but needs to be understandable on general audience -Write in third person form -Review your writing product before submitting and confirm it has good quality. Thanks! -You can see other bio examples from here -Base the content from below: Sherrie has been a licensed nurse for 39 years. Women’s & Adult Nurse Practitioner for 22 years.

Graduated from University of Texas SON with Masters degree in 1996. Practiced in Houston, Texas: Started a prenatal clinic and managed for 4 years. Worked at MD Anderson Cancer Center in General Surgery with breast,melanoma and colon cancer patients before working in Endocrinology with specialization in Thyroid & Adrenal cancer. Primary provider for the thyroid survivorship clinic for last 5 years. Semi- retired to Florida.

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