5-Page Theology

Objective: In this section of the course, we have been focused on ways in which Christian theology can be expressed in non-written forms. In this essay, you will investigate how ideas about God and/or Christ are expressed through worship, art, and literature.


– Choose one of the following options to further investigate how some aspect of Christian theology is treated in at least one of the following forms of expression.

– Write a 4-5 page essay, drawing upon both the experience or work that you’ve chosen and upon the formal theology outlined in Weaver, the Bible, or other course texts, and/ordiscussed in class.

– Your essay should have an introduction, conclusion, and citations to any sources that you use.

– The final essay should be submitted onCanvason Friday, November 30.


Look at a piece of art, or up to two pieces of art, that depict Jesus. Compare and contrast some of the theology or theologies expressed in these images. Some possibilities include artwork at the National Gallery or images at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the National Cathedral, and other local Christian churches. At least one of the pieces of art you choose must be viewed in person.

  1. You can either write about one piece of art, or compare two pieces of art. Comparing two might be helpful if you think you might run out of things to say
  2. Start by describingthe art – don’t assume that your readers have seen it! You don’t need to have a picture in the text, and you should be working so that your readers can imagine the artwork in their own minds from your words, in at least a paragraph or two
  3. Then analyze the art or compare the two pieces – not only with regard to what they look, but also with regard to the theologythey present. One way of doing that which may be helpful: what would someone think about Jesus if this was the only image they had? About the event depicted in the image? About the way he appears to the viewer in this image?
  4. Sources from class will be helpful here – the Gospels, if the image depicts a scene from Jesus’ life, and the Weaver information on Jesus (p. 104-108) and/or the Canvas reading “Christology” by Brian Robinette


Read one of the following novels. Write an essay about the theology found in the novel, most which involve someone who is “Christ-like” in some way. How is the main character like or not like Christ? Important: You should NOT use any secondary sources for this essay; and, unfortunately, I know past experience which free essays are available on the internet for each of these novels – do not plagiarize!

  1. Silence, by ShusakoEndo

b.Diary of a Country Priest, by Georges Bernanos

c.Mr. Blue, by Myles Connolly

d.The Power and the Glory, Graham Greene

  1. Wise Blood, by Flannery O’Connor
  2. Start by summarizing, in one or two paragraphs, the overall plot of the novel and/or the major characters.
  3. Focus upon how the main-character is like Jesus, perhaps with a paragraph or two for each quality or similarity that you identify
  4. Don’t just assert, but demonstrate your analysis – provide specific scenes and even quotations for each quality or similarity that you identify
  5. Sources from class will be helpful here – the Gospels, if the image depicts a scene from Jesus’ life, and the Weaver information on Jesus (p. 104-108) and/or the Canvas reading “Christology” by Brian Robinette


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