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This discussion has three questions. You must answer all three questions & sub-questions and reply to 2 peer posts. Learn how to view the rubric for my graded discussionLinks to an external site. to see the grading rubric for this disucssion..

Be sure to consult and list an outside resource, refer to the textbook readings, and reply to at least two peers. READ EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY.

QUESTION #1 Person-Centered (Chapter 7)
Think about Roger’s view of human nature and how it influences the practice of counseling.

  1. What is the actualization tendency?
  2. Specifically, how do you think the actualization tendency influences the practice of Person-Centered Therapy?

Make sure to make reference to the text to support your points.

QUESTION #2 Behavioral Therapy (Chapter 9)
(answer all parts of the question) Put yourself in the place of a client and think of a particular problem you might have that involves some form of irrational fear and avoidance.

As the client, would you want your therapist to use in vivo DESENSITIZATION OR FLOODING to treat the fear? Be sure to answer all parts of the questions exactly as follows.

a.Identify the phobia (i.e. what are you afraid of? A phobia is an irrational fear like cockroaches.

  1. Select ONE of the treatments: Desensitization orFlooding)
  2. Explain how you would apply the treatment (step by step application)
  3. Explain why you selected the particular method of treatment over the other.

QUESTION #3 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Chapter 10)
Provide an example from your own life experience (either you or someone you know) that illustrates the A-B-C -D-E Framework in the REBT theory and practice. How would you go about “disputing=D” the irrational belief , and what would be the E=effect, and F=new feeling? Be sure to label each A,B,C,D,E,F accordingly (see example below):

Example: You have a client that is depressed about a breakup.

A (Activating event) = Jake doesn’t like me anymore.
B (Belief)= Jake MUST like me or I will die.
C (Consequence)= depression, feelings of suicide.
D (Disputing)= It is not true that he MUST like me. Even though I want him to like me I do not control him or the universe.
E (Effective new thinking/philosophy)= It would be nice if Jake did like me but he doesn’t. I prefer that Jake like me but I can survive without him.
N=(New Feeling)= regret, sadness, disappointment but no depression or thoughts of suicide.


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