Youth Club

Visit a Home, Youth Club or an organized body of youths and use one of the participatory methods outlined in the readings attached to explore a topic of interest to the target audience. The focus of your method of participation must demonstrate that your role is facilitating the target group to take on issues that affect them.

1) Present evidence of the engagement (pictures and/or videos)

2) Present a report on the engagement to include the following headers:

a. Introduction

i. Site name

ii. The identity of the target group

iii. How the issues were identified by the group

b. Participatory method

i. What participatory method was used

ii. The justification for using that participatory method

c. Detail of the issue being discussed and how the method was useful

d. Conclusion on the issue

i. The outlook offered by the youths on the issue

e. References

i. APA format
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