What is Climate Justice: Thinking globally?

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You would be writing a term paper (reflection, suggestions and your  thoughts) on “ What is Climate Justice: Thinking globally?”

  • A commitment to climate justice is a way to ensure fairness for young people today and into the future, both here and around the world.
  • Climate change is a big global problem, but there are lots of solutions. The key is getting people to work together to make change.
  • Climate action is often local. Young people are concerned about climate change and are already advocating for climate justice. A couple of examples are below. What can you do to help make a difference?

( https://teachclimatejustice.ca/the-lessons/module-1-introduction-to-climate-(justice/#part2)

The paper should be minimum of 2-3 pages long (not including your citations). The paper should mainly cover these aspects:

  1. a) Introduction to climate justice
  2. b) Why climate justice?
  3. c) Climate change vs climate justice
  4. d) Very obvious reasons (like carbon foot print) and some non-traditional reasons (like Climate refuges)
  5. e) Your take on the climate justice issue
  6. f) Describe at least three things you learned (or insights you made) about doing this assignment? Feel free to share how it made you feel, what suggestions (you developed) and how you plan to implement few changes in your routine.
  7. g) If you have ever done community service or volunteered at any place and would like to share your experience from there, please feel free to do so. (That would be ** optional). So if you have never done any volunteering work, don’t feel pressured to make the connections. But keep looking for any such opportunities in the future. It never hurts to help and never hurts to learn about your privileges.

If you ask yourself this question why should I be learning and writing about it?-

Reflection allows you to think through how you might change your own behavior or thinking going forward. The goal is to lead to action, in class and beyond, so the reflection must be there to give you a chance to consider those actions.


https://www.academia.edu › Towards_climate_justice_A_critical_reflection

https://www.academia.edu › Towards_climate_justice_A_critical_reflection






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