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Wallenberg syndrome, how to write an essay paper

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Clinical Case = Wallenberg syndrome

(also called Lateral medullary syndrome and posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome)


Show the disease and associated structure and any other systems involved (CNS/PNS)

Specify the anatomical abnormalities.

What are the major manifestations (histology) of the disorder?

What are the chemical findings?

What tests are used to diagnose the disease?

What diseases have similar symptoms or are misdiagnosed as?

How is neuronal circuitry altered? What abnormalities result?


Use a clinical example and write a formal description, in the following SOAP format:

S: Subjective: Description of the patient and his/her presentation, symptoms of illness (patient history)

O: Objective: Signs found during physical examination, and any diagnostic tests.

A: Assessment: Differential diagnosis, given the symptoms presented above (we will assume that the assigned disorder is the correct diagnosis, but explain why).

P: Plan: What treatment or support strategy would be provided to the patient?

Prepare the SOAP diagnosis as a formal write up for the clinical case presentation with diagrams and pathways.

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