Visio Assignment 1

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Read the following scenario carefully as it describes a typical process for a landscaping business:

TruGreen Tree Cutting & Landscaping is a local company that operates in Townville. Its work normally begins with phone call (or email) to Linda (the office manager) from a customer to inquire or request tree cutting or landscaping work.

Linda gets the details of the job from the customer, sets up an appointment with customer for an appraiser to go out and inspect the work. After inspecting the work, the appraiser prepares a formal and detailed estimate of the expected work and forward it to Linda who immediately contacts the customer and informs him/her about the estimate of the work. If the customer, doesn’t accept the estimate, Linda files the estimate and nothing else is done.

If the customer accepts that estimates and agrees for the work, Linda forwards the estimate to service crew who check their schedules and schedule the new work and inform Linda about the available times. Linda calls the customer and makes an appointment for the work.

On the agreed date/time, the workers go out to the customer’s property and complete the agreed upon work. A few days later, Linda issues an invoice and sends it to the customer. The customer then pays for the work.

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  1. Using Visio, OR draw a BPMN diagram for the above described process. IF you use, you need to Export your file in PDF format as explained the BPMN Tutorial in
  2. Before doing this assignment, you need to watch the videos and the do the tutorial in Ch2 folder in the Handouts tab.
  3. You also need to read Ch2 and look at the examples given in the textbook (pg 26).
  4. Upload your assignment (a Visio file or PDF file from to BB before its due date.

Checkout Laptop Process

To checkout a laptop, a student goes to the Tech office. At the Tech office, the student requests to checkout a laptop. The clerk asks for the student’s ID card and scan it in ID reader to determine whether the student is eligible or not. If the student is not eligible, the clerk gives the ID card to the student, informs him/her that the ID is not valid, and the process is terminated.

If the student is eligible, the clerk picks up a laptop, records its number along with the student’s information and gives the laptop to the students. The student must return the laptop within 3 hours. When the student returns the laptop to the Tech office, the clerk inspects the laptop for any physical damages or missing parts such as a mouse. If there are no damages, the clerk marks the laptop as returned and puts it back on the shelf.

Sample BPMN Diagram

Important Note: before start using, you should watch the 2 videos in Ch2 folder in Handouts (One video explains BPMN basics and the second explains the use of to create BPMN diagrams)

This very short and simple example (tutorial) models the process of a customer buying something from a store.

Go to
Click Create New Diagram
Change the file name to your lastnameBPMN. If your last name is Smith, your file must be named SmithBPMN

Select Basic (1) Blank Diagram

Click Create

Select BPMN General

Click on Swimlane and drag it to the drawing area

Create Swimlanes as needed to model the process.

Rename the swimlanes by the names of the Actors in the process

Click BPMN Events

Click and drag the Process start Circle (green) and End circle (red)

Click and drag Tasks and flows (arrows) to model the process. Each task in the process is represented by a rectangle and the flow (sequence) is represented by an arrow pointing to the direction of the flow in the process.
Click General -> Text -> Drag the text box into the top of your diagram and type tour name
Click File -> Export as -> PDF

Save the PDF file on your computer or flash device and load to BB.


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