Value-based healthcare delivery

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  1. First Assignment (1 page): Deadline:

Discussion Question: 1 page (250 words), use APA style
Discussion Question:
Discuss value-based healthcare delivery. Include the role of nursing in this delivery paradigm. Discuss how nursing leadership influences value-based healthcare delivery in systems management.

  1. Second Assignment: Deadline:

– (20 slides total PowerPoint presentation)
– APA guidelines
– 4 or more scholarly citation

You will create a Microsoft PowerPoint which includes:

– An introductory slide,
– A reference slide and
– 18 content slides with an audio explanation and detailed speaker notes on all content slides.
– Be thorough, include rationale and support for your recommendations.

Assignment content:

Imagine you have been asked to present your recommendations on implementing value-based healthcare delivery with a focus on the role of nursing in the development of the delivery model.
Develop the project as if to present the proposal to the healthcare system’s board of directors. Be sure to include specific roles and how the changes will improve healthcare delivery and financial management.



  1. D) Third week discussion: Deadline:
    1 page (250 words), use APA style

As a nursing leader you are ask to
– Identify the cultural challenges that will be facing your staff in the next five years.
– Discuss how you would recognize these needs and what tools you will use to develop a response to the challenges.
– Identify a changing cultural dynamic in your community and
– Discuss how this dynamic is influencing the way healthcare is and will be delivered.

  1. D) Third week Assignment: Deadline:
    8 pages (2000 words), use APA style
    Four (4) or more scholarly citations
    – Describe five cultures that are currently influencing healthcare and effecting delivery decisions.
    – Discuss each culture in detail and describe potential challenges to healthcare delivery.
    – Include a discussion of how you would address nursing staff ensuring that these cultures were handled with respect and appropriate care delivery behavior

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