US Women’s History

End-of-Semester Research Project

In lieu of a final exam, each student is required to submit a research paper on a 19th-century reform movement of her/his choice.

Typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins
5-6 pages
In-text citations (author, page #)
MLA-format Works Cited page

• 5 articles (secondary sources) from **library databases**

Use this link:

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Examples: America: History & Life, American Women’s History Online, African American History Online

Instructions for using these databases will be posted and are also available at any of the CCRI Libraries.

• 5 primary sources from databases and/or internet sites
o Primary sources should be used in the body of the essay to provide examples of people, events, ideologies, public reactions, etc.

Examples: photographs, posters, newspaper articles
The New York Times Index is a fabulous resource for primary sources.

This essay should examine the reform movement by including the following:

Identify the topic & explain the historical context

• Who, what, where, when, how & why?
• What specific ideology did the movement advocate?
• What kinds of reactions – positive and negative – did the movement receive?
• What specific results did the movement achieve? [Passage of legislation? Cultural changes?]
• Why was this movement significant to the history of women in the United States?


Taking information from an internet site and inserting it into an assignment without citation is considered plagiarism or “cheating.” Inappropriate use of the internet will result in failure of the assignment and/or the course. Cases of plagiarism will be reported to the Dean of Students.

Incorporating Primary Sources
When you incorporate an image or other primary source into your essay you need to do the following:

Tell your reader what he/she is looking at:
Cite the web site where the image was published:


18th-century depiction of courtship practices; unattributed.

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