Unit Response Paper: Social and Political Activism, how to write an essay paper

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Choose among the following prompts to complete the Unit Response Paper (500-750 words minimum). Your paper should be primarily literary analysis, as opposed to summary. Outside research is not required. Your paper should contain an engaging introduction, a strong thesis, an effective organization strategy, adequate support and development of that thesis using evidence from the text, and a conclusion that does more than just summarize your paper. You should include in-text citations when referencing the literature, but it is not necessary to do a works cited page for required course readings. Papers should be formatted according to MLA guidelines.
1. Each of the Unit 4 readings offer a social and/or political critique. Choose one or more of the text(s), explain the critique, and evaluate its effectiveness. How does the text attempt to persuade readers, and is it successful in doing so? Be sure to support your view with evidence from the text(s).

Woman in the 19th Century by Margaret Fuller
Life in the Iron Mills by Rebecca Harding Davis


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