Ubiguity of Microorganisms – Evaluation Lab Report for MICROBIOLOGY

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USE THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS TO WRITE A FORMAL LAB REPORT.THE RESULTS FROM MY EXPERIMENT ABSTRACT: Even though the abstract appears at the beginning of the report, it is written last and inserted into the beginning. It should be no longer than a single, well developed paragraph of 100 – 200 words in length. Though the length of the abstract is not long, it is a critical component of your report. The abstract summarizes four essential aspects of the report: the purpose of the experiment significance of the theory or model behind the experiment to the real world key results major conclusions. Materials – List all the materials used in the experiment (Pan on stove, boiling water,Aluminum Foil, aluminum pie pan, bottle of bleach, bucket, lighter, smartphone camera, coffee mug, cooking pot, mouthwash, pipets, inoculation metal loop, isopropyl alcohol, gloves, googles, apron, agar plates, agar vial tubes, broth vial tubes, marker, burner fuel & glass beaker).

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Methods – Concisely describe or list, in order, the steps of the experiment Data: This section contains the results obtained during your experiment. It should contain the data only, no conclusions or interpretation of the results are included in this section. If you did not receive results for any part of your experiment do not leave that data area empty or write N/A (not applicable). Instead, enter “no results” or “not observed” and discuss in your conclusion that you did not observe results and what results you expected to observe and why. In your sources of error discuss why you feel you might not have observed results in that instance. Conclusion: The conclusion section is perhaps the most important section of your report. It is where you demonstrate your understanding of both the experiment and the science behind it. It is your subjective analysis of the experiment and your results. Though the exact length is not as critical as it is in the abstract section, the conclusion should be, at minimum, several well developed paragraphs long. Include in your conclusion the following: How do your results relate to the real world? How do your results relate to the theory or model behind the experiment performed? Do your experimental results substantiate or refute the theory? Why? Were the results consistent with your original predictions of outcomes or were you forced to revise your thinking? Sources of Error: Sources of error is a short section that explores what happened during your lab experience that may have affected the outcome. Though a short section, this is an important step, Where there other potential problems encountered during the lab? These can range from poor samples to curious cats. References: Cite your sources, even if it is only material you have used from your lab material or text. All sources used must be cited according to APA style.

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