TV and Stereotypes

You will be writing a standard 5-paragraph essay. MLA format. Font Times New Roman 12. Length of the 5 paragraph is 300 to 500 words. Nothing over 500 words. Keep in mind the 500 words does not include the work cited page, the work cited page is separate.
Writing prompt: Why is television so important to our culture? Write an essay discussing why you think television has become such an integral part of our lives.
You will need to use ONLY one source in your essay. This source has to be CREDIBLE. Please make sure you research a credible source for the prompt listed above. For example, if the article has the background of the author, this makes it more credible. Take your time in making sure your research of a source is credible.
I will be needing a rough draft by this Tuesday 11/14/17. The final Essay is due 11/28/17, so there is plenty of time.
This is the final essay for this class. The professor will be extra picky with the creativity of the flow of the essay.
Also, please make sure you give this essay a TITLE. Make sure its a catchy title for the reader.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019