Tracing a Political Story

For the paper, you should begin by explaining the political event you have chosen. First, sum up the details as objectively as possible. Next, highlight each of the political actors who played a major part in or offered an opinion on this event or story. In the conclusion, offer your thoughts and analysis on the story.


Explain why they were involved, whether it was by choice or by necessity, and how they responded to the situation via some form of communication. Did they release a statement, utilize the press, post to a website, or twitter account, etc.? How did the reactions or statements from each political actor vary? What motivations and constraints do you see playing a role in this particular situation? Use evidence from class readings and the textbook as appropriate.


These papers will be graded primarily on the strength of your argument and the use of evidence from both the media content and from the course materials (either PowerPoints or textbook) to analyze the media content.


Paper Requirements

  • Minimum 700 words, maximum of 1200 words
  • Follow essay format guidelines example (Course Documents folder in Blackboard)
  • Use Microsoft Word — .doc or docx)
  • Clarity and organization of writing will be considered in grading. Should have an introduction, body, conclusion, and transitions between them.
  • Any sources used should be properly cited using APA style format.
  • Papers should be submitted through Blackboard and will be passed through SafeAssign.


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