Tourettes Syndrome In children 5-18 years old


The Situation
The purpose of this assignment is to provide students an opportunity to work with their classmates in small groups to design a group, apply the

theories, approaches, and considerations covered in class and the readings. The proposal should include six or more academic citations/references

connected to course and/or outside readings on social work group practice.

The group proposal(25% of course grade)should meet a specified need at the micro (individual or family) or mid (agency, organization, community)

level. As a group, you will describe the planned group using the provided content areas, and submit the final assignment.

The assignment will also include group &self-participationevaluationcomponents(5% of course grade): A large part of group work is personal

accountability, self-assessment, and self-reflection on the team experience, therefore a portion of the group proposal grade will include:

1. Evaluation of group members’ participation by fellow group members
2. Self-evaluation of participation in the group
3. Self-reflection on the group experience.

The three components are described in more detail in separate documents posted on Blackboard. Evaluation materials are confidential (accessible only

by the instructor).

The assignment also includes Group Meeting Minutes, which are described in detail in a separate document posted on Blackboard.


Your Task
As a group, you will describe the planned group using the provided content areas, and submit the final group proposal assignment in a binder format

with the following components.

A. Introduction
• Group purpose and goal(s)
• Unmet need group will address
• Values and ethics considerations

B. Group work model to be used and the rationale for using it

C. Group membership
• Consideration of cultural, ethnic, religious, personal, or other factors that may affect members’ experiences
• Selection criteria and processes
• Preparation
• Referral procedure (open or closed)

D. Group design and rationale for design
• Proposed activities, curricula, techniques, etc., for beginning, middle, and ending phases
• Consideration of cultural, ethnic, religious, personal, or other factors that may affect members’ experiences
• Maintenance activities
• Size
• Meeting location and frequency
• Anticipated challenges
• Open or time-limited model

E. Group leadership and rationale
• Single leader or co-leaders
• Professional or la leaders
• Power issues

F. Evaluation process

G. Conclusion

Process Stages to be followed:
1. Read through the assignment and rubric carefully. Identify areas needing clarification and ask questions in class. As a group you will create

a timeline for to complete the aforementioned stages by the requisite deadlines.
2. The instructor will not review drafts of each section of the proposal, but will check-in with each group during class throughout the semester

to ensure that the groups are staying on task and to receive feedback.

Task Suggested Deadlines
A. Group Members Names/Topic Week 2
B. Introduction Week 4
C. Group Work Model Week 5
D. Group Membership Week 6
E. Group Design and Rationale for Design Week 9
F. Group Leadership and Rationale Week 10
G. Evaluation Process Week 11

3. Turn the group proposal binder in viaBlackboard. Please include a cover page with the group number and group members’ names.
4. Bring a hard copy of the binder to class on the due date.


The binder should include a cover page, table of contents, and reference page.There are no set page limits for each section, just ensure that the

content is covered and appropriate citations are used.Please use a 12-point font size with double-spacing, and one-inch margins. Follow the formatting

style as described in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition). Per the syllabus,5 points will be deducted for

every 24 hours your group binder is late, after 5 minutes. Binders are due at the start of class.

Grading Rubric

1 2 3 4 5 Points Weight Total
Mechanics Binder has excessivewriting errors, and lacks focus. Binder has somewriting errors, and is focusedfor the most part. There are no

more than 1-2 minor writing errors. Writing style is clear, avoids jargon, and is focused on the topic chosen. ____ X 3 ____
APA Binder has less than three academic references and citations to support statements made or uses others’ writing as their own without proper

Binder attempts to support statements with research evidence, but does not follow APA style and has moderateerrors related to APA style. Three

to five academic references and citations are provided. Statements are supported using APA style to identify citations/ references clearly.

There are minor, if any, APAerrors. Six or more academic references are provided. ____ X 3 _____
Content Binder is superficial and does not cover the required content. It addresses less than three of the seven parts of the assignment. Binder

addresses half of the areas specified in the assignment. Some class materials are integrated into the paper. Binder addresses all 7 areas

identified in the assignment in an in-depth manner. Material from the class is integrated into the binder to demonstrate knowledge. ____ X 14


Total Points (100 possible)




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