Thomas Bruscino’s Nation Forged in War

Thomas Bruscino’s Nation Forged in War and Derek Catsam’s Freedom’s Main Line

Assemble all of your annotated notes from the Bruscino and Catsam books and begin thinking about natural points of comparison between the two books. What do they share in common? What strikes you as different? After mulling those questions over for a while, start thinking about what your outline will look like. Summarize the books and relate the authors’ theses. Describe their viewpoints and purposes for writing, noting any aspects of their backgrounds that are important for understanding the texts. Note the most important evidence each author presents to support their theses. Evaluate their use of evidence or narrative. Are their arguments convincing? Compare these book with other books or articles you have read on the same (or similar) subjects. Conclude with a final evaluation of the books. You might discuss who would find it useful and why? Use sources only’s%20Main%20Line&f=false

Last Updated on February 10, 2019