Theories of Punishment, how to write a research paper

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Provide citations (in-text, to specific pages/sections of your sources) and full bibliographical references for all sources used.

Avoid making unwarranted assumptions. You are making an argument, and a good argument provides reasons for accepting its conclusion, rather than taking for granted that the conclusion is right.

Focus on clearly explaining your reasoning in as much detail as possible. Clearly state a thesis and provide reasons/evidence supporting your thesis. Organize your essay and use your sources to support your claims.

Two essay questions are listed in uploaded file. One page answer per essay question.
1. Choose EITHER a retributivist OR a consequentialist approach. From that point of view, analyze Reamer’s Case Study 3.1 (Morton C.; Criminal Lessons, p. 56), explaining how that approach would determine the appropriate punishment in Morton C.’s case. What factors would be relevant, and how would they figure into determining the appropriate sentence? Explain your reasoning in as much detail as possible.


4. One of the few points on which there is widespread agreement across different approaches to punishment is that punishment ought to be in some way proportionate to the crime. What do you think is the appropriate standard for making punishment proportionate to crime? Use one of the following three theories of punishment – social theory, consequentialist, retributivist (whether you use it in support of your view or as a contrast).


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