The Promise Place Program

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Selected Program

The program selected is called the Promise Place.

Main Goal

The focus and the goal of the Promise Place is to help prevent future domestic violence through items such as awareness programs and or educational training. At the same time, they have programs to help provide safe environments for the both the victims and their families in multiple faucets including but not limited to emergency shelters and transitional housing. They also have number of other programs including counseling both legally and mentally to help people transition to a better life.

Population Serviced

The maim population that the Promise Place currently helps when needed are both mothers and children

History of the Program

The Promise Place was started in 1984 by the Human Services Council of Fayette County when concerns arose about the domestic violence situation in their County. At first the Fayette Family Task Force only focused on child abuse. However, in April 1985, the Fayette Family Task Force expanded the program and began to address the issue of battered women as well. With the concerns and solutions that were sought Promise Place as its seen as today, was officially formed fully in 1987. While the program started with just two women and a pager and multiple volunteers it has now reach thousands of people and has hundreds of people who officially work for them. It is also an inspiration for other such programs seek the help in this situation.

Reason for Choosing this Program

the reason I chose this this program is because as an IO psychologist it can affect the workplace. If somebody in the workforce is a victim of domestic abuse they will not be able to perform at their best plus it will affect the company and the people that work within it. If people are constantly coming and going and not have a place to live both them and the people they work with or not be able to fully function. as somebody who is both looking out for the company and work company I have to everyone is doing well.

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  • Describe all participants and other stakeholders that you can think of in connection with the program. Include all who could be involved at any level, including not only direct participants, but also sponsors, administrators, and any others who have an interest in program outcomes. What are their roles and functions?

The program focuses on human services, which is dictated by the prevailing federal and state regulations. The agency offering the services should adhere to these regulations as prescribed both the state and federal governments. Stakeholders to be involved in the program include members of the staff, the participants, volunteering community and government agencies. Government agencies provide funding in forms of grants. Community participants play a role in offering volunteering services, while the participants include the victims who benefits from the program. Staff is the people involved in the daily operations of the agency (Lowman).

  • What do you imagine would be the answers to the following questions for each type of stakeholder?:
  1. What program outcomes do you think each type of stakeholder is most interested in?

The stakeholders are interested in ensuring that the services are provided to individuals who need them to empower them to lead active lives that promote positive outcomes in their lives. The organization is based on a customer approach and focuses on the prevailing needs of the client and ensuring the are met as required.

  1. What concerns they may have in connection with the program.

The concerns that the stakeholders have in connection to the program include use of funds as it might be needed. This requires regular audits to be conducted by the government agencies so that they can inspect the books and find out the funds are used in the right way. In case such funds are not used as expected the agency will be required to refund the money to the contributing agencies.

  • Is there any way that the interests of different stakeholders could conflict?

There is no likelihood that the interests of stakeholders are conflicting because all the stakeholders involved have a common objective and interests of ensuring the clients are given the support they deserve. They also aim at ensuring the clients are given assistance they deserve and that they lead productive lives.

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