Textiles and Globalism in the Age of Discovery

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Note: Midterm quiz consists of 2 short papers related to your readings and class work.

  • Renaissance Clothing as Materials of Memory due
  • Phipps & Guy on Globalism in Early Modern World


The following terms have been addressed in Class and in our readings. For these short answer essays, use full sentences, use any of the following:J. Guyor E. Phipps reading- useful for a contextual understanding of the term, Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary in SAIC database, google definitions in Merriam-Webster or Encyclopedia of Britannica.  USE FULL SENTENCES


Define the following terms:


  1. Globalism:




  1. Hybridity (hybrid):




  1. Sumptuary regulations:




  1. Prestige gift items:




  1. Cultural reciprocity:




  1. Appropriation:




  1. Colonialism:



How to write an essay paper


Chose ONE of the following prompts (A or B). Write your essay below and identify your answer as either “A” or “B.” Illustrate your points using examples from either the John Guy reading or the Elena Phipps reading.


  1. Working with your definition of Hybrid trade textiles. How does Guy or Phipps discuss this concept? Provide and discuss an example of a textile design and trade that reflects this concept. Your example should discuss specific elements of the design as “hybrid”. In addition to using images in article see also pdf on Images in files or assignment


  1. Working with your definition of global cultural reciprocity and cultural appropriation in textile design during the Early Modern Period. Provide and discuss a specific textile that reflects this concept. Use Elena Phipps article to source your example. In addition to using images in article see also pdf on Images in files or assignment


Homework for the Reading by Jones&Stallbrass, “Introduction” from Renaissance Clothing: Materials of Memory. Answers should be short essays and full sentences. Use online form for your answers and upload completed form to Canvas. Note the space I allow here is not related to how much space you will need to complete. A short essay means circa 4-10 sentences, depending on your writing style.






1) The authors discuss the complexities of the definition of fashion in the 16th century.  Describe the two understandings of the term fashion that existed at this time.




2) The authors say:  It was investiture, the putting on of clothes that quite literally constituted a person as a monarch or freeman of a guild or a household servant.  “Investiture was…the means by which a person was given a form, a shape, a social function, a depth.”


  1. What do you think the authors mean by this? What is investiture?




  1. What is one of the examples they use to discuss this idea?





3) How do you understand the idea of the “animatedness of clothes.”









4) How is livery central to this discussion about the social context of clothes?






5) How do you understand the authors’ discussion of the term “habit”?




6) What are three points that the authors make about fetishism in 15th-17th centuries?











7) What is fetishism of the object?  How do you think fetishism is related to concept of objects as commodity?





8) How do you think the new forms of trade and colonial conquest contributed to conflicting cultural and religious identities?  What cultural examples do Jones and Stallybrass use?









9) How was the term fetish applied to conceptions of the “other”?






10) How is this term used today?  Is there a contemporary artist (your current practice included) whose work deals with the idea of fetish?






How to write an essay paper


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