Technical Memo Assignment

(staple to your final copy, a earlier draft with comments, corrections and suggestions
from one of your colleagues – include the name of your reviewer)
Context: Your “firm” has been asked to become an active member of the Vermont
Highway Safety Alliance and to host an upcoming professional lunch meeting for
regional engineers and planners. Your Executive Director / President needs to decide
yes or no. He/she has asked you to research possible topics related to “professional
ethics in transportation engineering safety” that could be presented by a luncheon
speaker. Prior topics have included balancing the safety of vehicles and bicycles when
installing rumble strips, and the increases in speed that result from widening travel lanes
on highways.
Assignment: The Firm President has asked you to summarize your suggested topic in a
technical memo that includes reference to a creditable source or sources. It is the
insight, reasoning and support you provide for your suggested topic in this memo that
will merit a good grade. There is no right or wrong answer.
Page Limit: 1-2 pages (in memo format – see example memo on Bb)

Last Updated on February 10, 2019