Journal Club #3

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Journal Club #3: Appraisal Worksheet Student Names: What sampling method used? What measures did the researchers take to reduce bias in their sampling method? Were their measures sufficient? Why or why not? What extraneous variables did the exclusion criteria control … Continued

The role of the nurse induction & supporting women to adapt a healthy life during antenatal period

Note: Maximum word count is 2200 words. At least 15 references. Guideline: 7 st paragraph: Write introduction about the pregnancy in general & then write “this assignment will outline “pregnancy”. “health education”. “antenatal”, & “health life style”.” the areas that … Continued

Research Tool

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Select a tool, survey, or instrument, that can be use for an improvement project titled ” Determining the effect of in class education versus handing out printed education materials to patients whit uncontrolled diabetes Support with references. Describe the chosen … Continued

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