Eminent domain

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Eminent domain is a hotly contested topic in the United States. Typically, opponents see it as an unjust taking by the government, and supporters state it is needed to serve the public interest. This week, research a recent example of … Continued

Child Support Questions

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Child support calculations for the following three scenarios: Father earns $6,286.00 per month gross salary which after deductions is $5,000.00 per month net salary.  Mother earns $2,740.00 per month gross salary which is $3,000.00 per month net salary after deductions … Continued


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Luber is a company similar to Lyft and Uber. Luber considers all of the drivers that it contracts with to be independent contractors. Drivers apply through the internet to be drivers with Luber. The application contains questions about the drivers … Continued

Legal case

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1) Ec Part I. Canarsie, Brooklyn is a neighborhood located in the southeast portion of Brooklyn, New York.   Named after the Canarsee tribe of Native Americans who inhabited the area before the Dutch settlement of the area in the … Continued

Reaction Paper on COVID-19 Pandemic

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Watch:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYryJIvCXx8&t=188s Submit a ONE Page Reaction Paper on the Following Ted Talk. Discuss how this Ted Talk relates to 21st Century Policing and your opinions on Chief Danielle Outlaw. Also-Research where this Leader is today (what Police Organization?) and … Continued

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