Desktop virtualization

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Assume that your company has 1,000 desktops, for which your CIO wants to deliver an operating system and environment on demand. Discuss the ability to provide desktop virtualization and which tools you would require. Be sure to note costs, risks, … Continued

Analyzing Shellsort’s Gaps

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A FLEXIBLE SHELLSORT Write a version of Shellsort, shellSortX(), that takes, as input, a gap sequence. Use an intarray for the gap sequence . Here is how the client might use the shellSortX(): final int ARRAY_SIZE = 10000;   Integer[] arrayOfInts1 = new Integer[ARRAY_SIZE]; Integer[] arrayOfInts2 = … Continued

Wireshark Lab

Please read the instructions carefully 🙂 Kurose, J. F., & Ross, K. W. (2017). Computer networking: A top-down approach (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. You need to have access to this in order to download the labs from the student … Continued

Python and OpenCV

Two part assignment. Using Python and OpenCV you need to do the following two parts (Should be two different applications). Part One: Tracking an object Steps to do it properly….. Capture live video from Webcam Display live video convert BGR … Continued

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