Aggregate planning

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What is aggregate planning? Describe the aggregate planning process briefly. Why do organizations have to do aggregate planning? (5+10+10 Points) Identify and describe in detail two demand based and two supply based strategies for aggregate planning with examples? (25 Points) What are … Continued

Nuclear Reactor Design

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Choose a project from the following list: Design a nuclear powered unmanned aircraft [drone]. Use a reactor, or a RTG [Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator. Design a portable small nuclear reactor that can be transported by truck [or helicopter] to remote locations. … Continued

Sales Compensation

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Technical Sales & Marketing SIE 415-515 Homework: Sales Compensation You are the manager of the Sales Department for the Epic Widget Manufacturing Company. The company produces three different types of widgets: small widgets, medium widgets, and large widgets. The senior management … Continued

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