Sustaining Organizational Performance

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Prior Reading
You should read the “Quality Scotland – Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence” document, watch Claire Ford, CEO of Quality Scotland videoand have a sound appreciation of the Quality Scotland website.

Report Brief
You have been appointed by Quality Scotland to act as a Business Consultant to advise them on how to thread “excellence” and “improvement” as a national characteristic of Scotland. Quality Scotland has invited you to review the EFQM model in light of your understanding of ‘operational and SCM capability’ theory, principles and concepts and advise them on how best they can draw on this knowledge to further develop their offer to Business, Third Sector Organisations and Public-Sector bodies in Scotland.


You are specifically tasked to:-

1. Describe Quality Scotland contribution in the past 25 years to build
‘excellence’ and ‘improvement’ as standard and the benefits to an organisation to work with Quality Scotland as part of their continuous performance improvement journey.


2. Critically appraise continuous improvement concepts and principles such as lean and TQM to building overall business excellence, or are they just shortterm fixes to solve a particular problem?

3. Critically appraise the benefits to the supply chain for organisations throughout that chain adopting an excellence model such as EFQM?


4. In light of your response above, consider the potential impact of adopting such practice on the potential ‘results’ to an organisation of your choice (Note: when considering ‘societal’ results, you should draw on your understanding of embedding & reporting an organisation business sustainability)


5. Make recommendations to Quality Scotland, drawing on your response to question two and three to thread ‘excellence’ and ‘improvement’ as a national characteristic of Scotland, drawing on relevant contemporary theory in OM/SCM over the forthcoming years, to ensure participating organisations remain competitive in the face of competition.


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Important Information

The report must be addressed to Claire Ford, CEO of Quality Scotland and John Cannon, Account Director of Quality Scotland. You must consider the most appropriate presentational style and format that you would offer to a real client as a consultant. The marker will take this into account. The author of the best reports will have an opportunity to have an audience with the client and an overall winner will be rewarded.

The report must be analytical and rigorous in application and underpinning of academic theory, principles and concepts learnt on the module. In all responses, you should draw on real-business examples from the “Quality Scotland – Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence” and/or organisations studied as part of your own independent research.

An opportunity will be provided to the whole class to meet the client prior to submission but you must not contact them directly without permission of your tutor.

Report specifications
Your report should be a maximum of 3000 words (+/- 10%) excluding title page, references, and appendices. Sticking to a strict word limit is difficult and an important skill for you to acquire, so make sure that you write in a concise and focused manner. It should be typed font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing and must be presented in portrait format, not landscape. Please provide an Executive Summary and Contents Page. This report is worth 50% of your total grade for this module.
An essential feature of the report is to illustrate how theoretical constructs or models can be critically analysed and applied to organisations in practice. You are therefore advised to read widely. In fact, unless you have read and referenced at least 10 discrete references, it is unlikely that you have done sufficient reading to demonstrate the basic requirements of this assignment. To gain higher awards you will need to do your own supporting research – beyond the prescribed and recommended reading (references provided in the reading list and discussion board can be regarded as good starting points).Beware of sources from the Internet (e.g. no Wikipedia; Business Balls): apart from reputable and academic peerreviewed references that can be downloaded through the Internet (commonly via the library catalogue); most Internet references are not considered reliable for an academic piece of work. Academic journals generally offer a better source than textbooks.
You must use the APA 6th Referencing system. A guide is available under the assessment tab on Moodle. Failure to reference properly constitutes a violation of University regulations i.e. plagiarism and is a serious offence.

You must write an analytical report– not an essay. In a report – context and some necessary background are important, this is similar to an ‘Introduction’ but avoid using this heading. In a report, the introduction is usually termed the ‘Terms of Reference’ OR ‘Scope of the Report’ as well as a ‘Background’ section. Also, when introducing your report, outline the report’s structure using appropriate signposting throughout to help the reader grasp your key points and makes it easier to follow. It is not necessary to provide a description of the company or regurgitate the case – focus on the necessary information that you need to get across to the reader to provide an appropriate context to your report. You then structure the main body of your report to address the assessment brief. Use headings and sub-headings that reflect the contents of each section. Ensure that your responses provide real world examples and demonstrate your knowledge and application of theory and concepts learnt on the Sustaining Organisational Performance module. The conclusion and recommendations should focus on the intended reader – the CEO and Accounts Director at Quality Scotland. Make sure you state clearly and concisely the key findings discussed in the main body. Provide compelling recommendations that are of practical relevance to the intended reader and clearly flow from your analysis. The conclusion should contain no further discussion or analysis as this is presented in the main body of your report.

The report must flow – do not simply address each question in turn. The reader considers the document as a whole, addressing the brief in full.
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