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Evaluate a Green Building: Based on UCertify section 10.6

Find a green building in your community and take a tour; if you cannot find one locally, find one online. Identify all the green features you can find. Look specifically for items that identify green landscaping practices, water efficiency, energy efficiency, efficient material use, and waste management practices. If feasible, take photos of the items that you think best exemplify a sustainable and high-performing building and attach them to your discussion posts as a visual aid.

Your posts this week should address and identify the following as an evaluation of the building:

  • Site strategies such as landscaping, stormwater management, exterior lighting, access to alternative transportation, and others
  • Energy strategies such as lighting, system controls, transparent energy dashboards, metering, and others
  • Water strategies such as efficient irrigation, plumbing fixtures, meters, and so on.
  • Material and waste strategies such as composting, recycling, and education or use of alternative and sustainable building materials
  • Indoor air quality strategies such as ample windows, shading devices, green cleaning products, operable windows, and others


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