Survey of Western Art from Prehistoric to Medieval

This paper will be a visual analysisof ONE artwork from Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery. The work must be from a time period and region we have already studied in class.,
Paper Criteria: •Identify the Artist Name if available, Region, Title, and Date of the work•Performa close reading of the visual elements and formal qualities of onework•Identify both the period style as well as the regional style•Explain how the work is an example of both, usingthe vocabulary as well as contextual information from the class to support your statement•Explain what the relevant historical information that influenced the development of the style is, and explain how and why it is visible in the work. Paper Delivery: •Please use the Intro, Body, Conclusion format for the paper•Type your paper in Times New Roman, 12-point font, with double-line spacing and 1” margins.•Paper must be 2500-3000 words in length, not including footnotes or bibliography•Include the use of 3 peer reviewed sources, no Wikipedia or Wikipedia-like sources, 2 must be printed sources including books and/or journals. •Paper must be cited in Chicago style, no exceptions. This includes bibliography AND footnotes. Failure to cite properly will result in the return of the paper, ungraded. Please see the Owl Purdue link for help on citations. . •A citation for the work of art selected, the wall text, and the textbook MUST be included•Include an image of the work in your paper.

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