Survey Design

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Survey Design


Final Project (6–8 pages)


For this final assignment, you will work independently to demonstrate your knowledge on survey design. The project is designed to be an extension ofourprevious learning activities. You are expected to demonstratethe cumulative skills and techniques that were covered in the lectures, discussions, and text.


First, identify a survey in your field/area of interest, as the final project is a thorough critique of an existing survey.Successfully finding a trusted survey for analysis is part of the task.


Tip: a Google search using keywords will sufficeOR using our library database, browse for quantitative-oriented research articles on your topic and locate the particular survey that was employed by the researcher(s).


The paper should be 6–8pages, double-spaced, APA, and include the following sections:


  • Introduction (Why did you select this piece? How did you locate it?)
  • Background (Possible topics to include: Survey’s intent? Who are the principal investigators? How was it funded? When was it conducted/designed? Cross-sectional or longitudinal study?)
  • Your overall critique – see the guidelines below
  • Conclusion and implications (How has this survey critique affected your perspective on survey design in your specific area of research? Did it spark new ideas for you?)


Critique Guidelines: In your critique, highlight strengths and weaknesses in detail. The following are aspects that you should address:


  • Question wording (would you recommend changes to the wording due to vagueness or possible misinterpretation/confusion, etc.?)
  • Question format (would you recommend for questions to be presented in a different format? Example: Fill-in-the-blank versus ranking)
  • Directions (would you recommend additional directions or modified directions?)
  • Formality (are there any important components missing?)
  • Survey layout (what recommendations would you make in regards to the questions’ ordering, grouping of items, aesthetics/visual appeal, length, etc.?)
  • Survey administration (if you know whether it was done electronically, mail, or phone – do you think that it was the right choice and why?)
  • Data analysis (what questions or issues do you have about how the data will be analyzed/interpreted?)





Additional notes:

  • Be as specific as possible. For instance, when identifying a problem with the survey,alsoprovide suggestions for improvement (include the actualitem and share possible alternatives – constructive feedback means respectfully conveying/explaining the problem and professionally offeringadvice).
  • Please include a copy of the survey as part of your project (include a link to the survey in your document or post it in the message box when submitting the final paper).
  • Use APA when citing sources

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