Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

1. What are the “four P’s” of marketing? Explain each one, and what some people have

started terming the “fifth P.”

2. Explain the purchasing strategy of outsourcing and elaborate on three of its strengths

and three of its weaknesses.

3. Identify the four-step approach to supply chain design based on the SCOR model.

Part B: Answer each of the following questions in 2 to 4 sentences.

1. Explain what the value chain is.

2. The text suggests that “functional organization impedes process thinking.” Explain

what this statement means.

3. What does globalization mean? What is the primary facilitator of globalization?

4. What practices are companies using to find a right balance between local autonomy

and central control?

(Continued on reverse side)

5. Name any four of the challenges to ERP implementation.

6. What is cost driver analysis? Explain the four typical cost drivers in an organization.

7. Explain how customer information feedback helps supply chain managers reduce or

eliminate service gaps in supporting customers.

8. Explain the role and importance of trust in supply chain relationship management.

9. Discuss briefly the advantages of performing a bench marking analysis and the possibilities

of what is learned that would provide a competitive advantage to your company.

10. Operations processes must manage the same core decisions to yield world-class

results. What are the four design decisions that must be made, and what do they


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