Strategic Information Systems

                                     Assignment 1

Stage 4


Instructions for Learners


This assignment is worth 70% of the SIS module.


In writing the assignment you should rely on material presented during the lectures, material from the module reading lists, and other relevant research and material.  All research should be referenced fully.  Your assignment should clearly outline any positions you take on key issues, and include a discussion of the significance of your findings.  Your assignment should conclude with any recommendations and conclusions you deem appropriate. Please use Harvard referencing style throughout your assignment.


Assignment length3500 words.


Assignment FormatThe assignment should be word processed in 12pt font size, with 1.5 line spacing. Marks will be awarded for presentation and layout.
GeneralStudents are advised to retain a soft copy of their project. Students are encouraged to upload draft documents on TURNITIN.
Blackboard UploadPlease upload one copy by the deadline below in word format to FINAL TURNITIN.
















You are required to conduct a DETAILED analysis of Information Systems within your specific organisation. Your research should:


  1. Detail the chosen topic should reflect an IS management challenge
  2. Identify current best practice associated with your chosen topic, clearly outline any positions you take on key issues, and include a discussion of the significance of your findings
  3. Explain in detail why your chosen topic is important and relevant to real-world organisations today
  4. Conduct a critical analysis of the Literature relating to your topic
  5. Identify the key IS Management Challenges (technical, behavioural, socio-cultural, economic, political, etc) associated with your chosen topic which are currently being faced by your organisation
  6. Provide a critical analysis of best practice processes that could be used to address the issues identified.




Marking Guidelines:


Layout and clarity                                                  50

Breadth and Depth                                                75

Content                                                                  75

Analysis/Assessment                                           100

Referencing and research                                     50

350 (/5 = mark out of 70%)





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