Statistics assignment

1. Review peer review criteria, Emerald, a word document listed in the Readings and Writings module. You are free to use criteria from other sources.

2. Read the article.

3. In a total of no more than 3 typewritten pages (12 pt.; 1.5 spacing), answer the following:

A. Assuming that the topic of the paper were relevant to your work, would you recommend adopting the intervention described by the authors in the paper, and why or why not? (I am looking for you to assess the credibility of the results based on the research design and statistical analyses.)

B. For each of the statistical techniques used in the research, comment on whether you think the authors followed guidelines and suggested documented in Warner?

C. The paper includes R^2 values. Assume that a colleague who had no statistical background asked you to explain what those R squared values meant. What would be your response?

D. Comment on the logic of the arguments used to justify the research conducted. (Do the authors establish justification for the research conducted?

E. What if any flaws or opportunities for improvement did you find in the manuscript? Identify them, and suggest why you define them as flaws or opportunities for improvement?


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