Locate a source of statistics discussed in college statistics 1 course. These may scholarly journals, magazine ads, televison transcripts or any printable source allowed. Must discuss a topic in statistics course. Summarize the article, state how it relates to topics you have learned in statistics course. Include statistical details about the article referring it to content covered in college statistics 1. Cite the source appropriately using APA format. Print and attach the article being used. It must have an **attached article** cited in APA format. It can be an any article with statistics in it, can have pie charts, bar graphs, histograms, raw data, percentiles, quartiles, variables, percentages, probability, parameters, samples etc or any topic in basic statistics. Paper needs to discuss the article with any basic college level statistical language and knowledge. For example find, summarize and do statistical analysis on an article that conducted a survey that shows a bar graph with percentages of common cancers by age and gender and use basic college level statistical analysis when writing and discussing the article. Please attach or include article with the paper and cite the source of the article in APA format. Article must be printable along with paper.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019