Sports Law Assignment

Sports Law Assignment Help Word Limit:
Part 1: 2,000 words
Part 2: 3,000 words

Sports Law Part 1

1. A true story.

Some years ago a Chairman of a sport’s Disciplinary Panel having reviewed the papers in advance of a hearing concerning an alleged on-field incident telephoned the ,,accused”. The conversation went as follows “You are due to appear before me tomorrow. I’ve read the referee’s report. You can have a hearing if you like, but I have to say I can’t see this point as you are clearly guilty.”

Analyse the duty of a sports governing body in relation to the conduct of its disciplinary proceedings. In the light of your analysis comment on the actions of the chairman reported above.

2. “A (sporting) “spectacle” cannot be “owned” in any ordinary sense of the word”
Victoria Park Racing v Taylor (1937 HCA 45)
To what extent can sports rights owners be protected against unauthorised product association?

3. Critically analyse the case of MOTOE. What, if any, lessons can be taken from the case by other sports governing bodies?


4. The rules of Beaumont Leys Golf & Country Club, an unincorporated private members club, provide for the following:
– Full membership status shall be open to Gentlemen players only at an annual fee of £1000.
– Full members only may book teeing off times on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
– Lady members only may book teeing off times on Tuesday mornings between 9 am and 1 pm. Lady members pay an annual fee of £350.

– Lady members are prohibited from entering the “Spike Bar” area of the clubhouse. There are two other bars and a restaurant to which all members are permitted access.
Are such members’ rules vulnerable to legal challenge?

The answers to part 1 should identify any key legislation, case law or other regulation but the answers should focus on providing succinct and practical advice and guidance. It is not expected to engage in a more discursive or reflective treatment of the topics.

Sports Law Assignment Part 2

“Europe should keep its nose out and leave the running of sport those who know best…us of course!”
(An anonymous representative of a leading international sports federation (IF))
In the light of the above reported statement and with appropriate engagement with academic writings and primary sources critically evaluate the impact (both in legal and practical terms) on the commercial and sporting regulatory functions of sporting governing bodies of
(a) the jurisprudence of the European Courts; and
(b) the publications of the European Commission and other EU institutions.

The total number of words must be stated at the end

For the purposes of the word limit, the following are not included:
– The coursework question.
– The bibliography.
– References (case, book, journal, website, lecture materials and other references).
Footnotes, any information in them (other than references) will be counted. Please use also a contents page !


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