Specialized cells

What does specialized cells mean?
Different parts of the body need to different things. So different cells do different jobs
To be able to do a particular job each cell type has some features which allow to be good at it’s job
These are either in addition to the normal features of a plant or animal cell to replace them

Please do power point presentation explain?
Which specialized cells from the following:
1- Nerve
2- Muscle
3- Sperm
4- Ovum
5- Goblet
6- Phloem
7- Xylem
8- Photosynth (thetic
9- Palisaded
10- Root hair
11- Red blood
12- Phagocyte
13- Lymphocyte
14- Ciliated
15- Epithelial


• Label diagram of the cell
• Animal or plant
• List the differences to the typical animal or plant cell
• List the functions
• Explain how EACH differences helps one or more of the functions explicitly



Last Updated on February 10, 2019