Sociology of Health

Essay Assignment 2




  1. Choose a topic in health, illness, and medicine, which we have covered in the second part of this semester.


  1. You need to take a position (a thesis statement) and argue for one side or the other.


  1. In order to answer your question, you must use the following sources:
  • Clarke textbook and/or supplementary articles
  • At least 2 secondary academic sources, preferably articles in sociological journals or books written by sociologists.


  1. Your paper should be 6-8 pages in length double spaced, typed.


  1. Proper referencing and a proper bibliography are required. To avoid PLAGIARISM, provide adequate citations, endnotes, and references for quotations and information taken directly from secondary sources, lectures or text. I prefer citations and references. If you do not identify your sources, you are plagiarizing, and the penalty is a zero (0) on the assignment and possible further repercussions. Here are two videos that explain what plagiarism is and the potential consequences for doing it: You can also consult the attached how to avoid plagiarism and how to cite properly handout on our course blackboard site


  1. Below is a list of suggested These topics can be modified, expanded on, and altered. However, the topic must be in line with the course and course materials. This is only a partial list of what we covered for this essay in the first part of the semester. You may choose a new topic/question but make sure you run the new topic by me first.


Essay question


  1. What are the positive and negative effects of new medical technologies, and how do these affect the meaning of health, illness, and death?





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