Which argument(s) do you think are more persuasive: “on balance, today’s globalization is good” or “on balance, today’s globalization is bad”? Why? What specific changes would  you recommend to enable globalization to benefit more people and/or cause less harm to the



You will want to discuss some combination(but not all!)

of the following:

  • The specific definition of globalization you are using


  • Who benefits and who loses out from globalization


–global North/South countries and/or  different groups of people, such as workers, consumers, farmers, and/or environment

  • the difference between economic theory (such as comparative advantage) and economic / social / environmental realities


Be specific about suggested improvements to globalization.

For example: changes to local and national laws, changes to global rules and policies

(World Bank, WTO, TPP, etc.), new ways to hold corporations accountable,



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