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Select 3 questions from below, and submit a 2 page paper on each
question. So there will be a total of 6 pages.

Answer all of the assignments in an essay format

SOC 212

1. Explain the history of education in the United States and the No Child Left Behind
Act. Explain the differences between charter schools and public schools.

2. What are some of the problems that higher education is facing? What are the five
myths that are perpetuated by the education systems?

3. Compare and contrast the three positions on the nature of mental illness, and
summarize the issues that arise in regard to the treatment of mental illness.

4. Identify the nature and extent of violence in the family today and analyze the social
conditions that produce it.

5. Identify the ways in which media images have contributed to the social construction
of family problems.

6. Explain the causes of poverty as considered by each of the theoretical perspectives
in sociology.

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